Wake up and Dream


Wake Up and Dream

Never my faith in my ship has faltered, I know she is coming in – Robert Jones Burdette.

In fact, many times in my life my ship has come in. I’ve had many occasions and achievements that could be considered as my ship coming in. I’ve learned to captain my ship, to successfully navigate the rough seas and discover new places on my journeys. I’ve had to learn to work with the winds and calculate the apparent winds (the combination of the true wind and the headwind caused by the boat’s forward motion.) At times it was all hands on deck and other times I was adrift, fearfully seeking out a beacon of light on the shore, to help me find my bearings again. By times my map was so clear that I could travel dead ahead, and other times I meandered wherever the waves carried me.

I’ve also waited and waited on occasion for my ship to come in, stood on the pier and looked out to the horizon for any slight sighting of the ship that I awaited. Wondering when I would see it sailing into harbour laden with treasure from its journey on the high seas. These times were difficult – the waiting, wondering and waiting some more. It took time for me to realise th

You can wait a lonely lifetime

For a knock upon your door.

Ships are safe inside the harbour

But is that what ships are for?



And so your dream must be a waking dream – grown and nourished in the full light of day. Build a boat that is sturdy enough to carry your dream out of the harbour. Sail with the dawn, leave the safe harbour, take the risk, sail out into the open seas, feel the wind on your face, feel the fear in the pit of your stomach and the exhilaration in your soul, but at all costs – Sail!  Sail, because that’s what ships are for.

So from one sailor to another, may your naval journey be blessed!

“Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!”

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