At a time when organisations are facing several critical pressures, including a short supply of leaders and issues with turnover, finding and keeping talent is no longer an HR challenge but a strategic business priority. The need to develop and engage employees and build lasting relationships with them has become a real priority. Recent studies show that one-third of companies are increasing their budget for learning and development. By aligning learning strategies with corporate objectives, organisations are able to significantly improve their learning functions. Companies are making a shift in the way they view employees and are focusing on the individual and his or her unique learning needs.


Among the Training programmes Elizabeth delivers are:


The Manager as Coach

Incorporating the QQI Certificate in Coaching Models of Practice (Level 6)


Train the Trainer

QQI Level 6, Special Purpose Award in Training and Development (Course Code:


This Special Purpose Award incorporates two modules of training:

Training Delivery & Evaluation (6N3326)

Training Needs Identification and Design (6N3325)

CoachAcademy PLUS


Powerful Presentations with NLP

With a natural leaning towards pragmatism, Elizabeth’s training courses always focus on the practical application of learning and combine a rich balance of theory in relation to practice.


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