Revive, Restore, Laugh


You are the creator of your experiences and no external event or circumstance can determine your experience. Within you, you have the unique potential to create the best experience imaginable.


When you feel positive and full of vitality, it significantly impacts your actions and experiences, just as when you are feeling depleted and downbeat your experiences are the poorer.


Sometimes, the demands in our lives grow at a rate greater than our ability to respond.


But here’s a thought….


The electronic devices we carry round or that sit on our desk receive new software updates every few weeks so that they can stay up to date with the ever changing environment. How does our behaviour reflect the changing world around us?



Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.



Our ability to adapt and change increases significantly when we are upbeat, positive and full of energy. One simple way to activate your inner source of energy is to laugh.


There’s nothing like a good laugh. It tickles our very souls. We scrunch our souls with negativity and a lack of enthusiasm, but laughter smooths them out.


Ann Bryan Smollin


So this week, find opportunities to revive and restore your depleted self. Laugh to lift your spirits and update your inner “software” to enable you to respond more effectively to the changing world around you.


Ann Bryan Smollin tells us that Laughter…


Lightens the load

Avoids negativity

Unites hearts

Gathers people together

Heals heartache

Tickles the soul

Energises the human spirit; and

Restores us to wholeness and holiness

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