Just pay attention


Have you ever had a moment when you noticed something in a way that never took your attention before, something perhaps that is part of your everyday existence, yet comes under the microscope in a new way?

A moment when you got a glimpse of something more than you’ve noticed before? A moment when you are inspired to see in a new way, ask different questions, wonder and reflect from a different viewpoint. An awareness, that there may just be a different way to experience, think, feel and be?


It’s my belief that in the process of life we often allow ourselves to become disconnected from our inner intelligence.

Craig Harper



If we are ‘always on’, busy and constantly preoccupied, then it’s not possible to really notice. It is so important to stop, even for just a few moments, breath and observe in order to become aware of what is in our midst.


When the mind calms it can hear more subtle things – that’s when your thinking slows down, you intuition starts to blossom and you see things more clearly in the present. This is a discipline and you have to practice it

Steve Jobs


Many of us have practiced being very busy, preoccupied with all we have to do and are responsible for for. It just might be that what we have practiced and what we have become in practising it, limits us and holds us back from being truly amazing, brilliant and wonderful.


The range of what we think and do

is limited by what we fail to notice.

And because we fail to notice

that we fail to notice,

there is little we can do

to change;

until we notice

how failing to notice

shapes our thoughts and deeds.

Daniel Goleman


So today, I invite you to just pay attention – notice things in the present moment. Be amazed at what you can become aware of.


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