Transformative Facilitation

Facilitation is a powerful way of working with groups that can achieve transformative results. Facilitation enables and empowers teams to review and agree strategy, develop team performance and achieve better outcomes resulting in enhanced performance. Facilitation is a developmental educational method, which encourages people to share ideas, resources, opinions and to think critically in order to identify needs and discover effective ways of fulfilling those needs. Facilitation is a method that can be used in many settings. Effective facilitation is based on the principles of equality, inclusion, participation and affirmation. It recognises the value of each person’s contribution, encouraging the active participation of each group member in identifying and utilising their skills, knowledge, awareness, experience, creativity and analysis.


Basic Principles of Facilitation

    • A facilitator assists people to move through a process, based on their skills, knowledge, awareness and experiences. The facilitator does not give opinions,but to draws out opinions, ideas and wisdom of the group members.
    • A facilitator focuses on how people participate in the process of learning or planning,not just on outcomes.
    • A facilitator is neutral and never gives opinions or takes sides.

Facilitating change, growth and development lies at the core of most of our facilitation assignments, working with managers and staff to conduct challenging conversations and constructive feedback.

We also facilitate organisations to creatively approach drafting annual plans and work through strategic planning processes with them. As facilitator, offering a listening ear, being an honest broker and a detached observer offers organisational leaders the opportunity to be open, honest and reflect on the real needs of their organisation. Elizabeth offers facilitation to directors, managers, team leaders and staff in a wide range of settings from corporate to the community and voluntary


To find out more about how facilitation can support you and your team with

  • Away days
  • Review meetings
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building
  • Effective Team behaviour and communication

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