Ever Changing Light

One morning recently as I drove through my local village early, the streetlights switched off. The sensors perceived that there was enough natural daylight to illuminate the way and they were no longer needed to show travellers the way.


This got me thinking about light as a metaphor for the work I do in coaching and NLP. Through coaching and NLP you learn to shine a light on the aspects of your life and work that no longer serve you well, areas that were previously hidden in the shadows, or sometimes hidden in plain sight.


This new light brings awareness to the often unconscious beliefs, values and patterns of behaviour that trip you up, reduce your performance, produce disappointing outcomes, and sometimes leave you baffled and wondering just what is going on with you. The famous WHY questions arise….. Why me? Why now?, Why not me?


Maya Angelou famously said


“I did then what I knew how to do.

Now that I know better, I do better.”


Once you have shed enough illumination and insight on the challenges, you can dip into that deep place of inner wisdom – your soul space – and begin to develop new ways of being in the world. Ways that serve you better and produce the results you want.


The streetlights are no longer needed once we have enough of the sun’s light. That intense gaze is no longer necessary. It is no longer needed because the natural light of your own new awareness illuminates the way to move to better and more wonderful opportunities to do and be what you are truly capable of.


My next NLP Skills Training Programme begins in June. This training will focus on your challenges and concerns and ways to understand and overcome them. Take a look here for more information.




As the days get longer and we have more and more natural light, what are the areas of darkness that are calling to you, to illuminate, to dissipate the darkness of stuck-ness and inaction?


Illuminate the darkness

Darkness fills like a cloud that has no form.

At the point,
lights shine,

but in a way,
do not illuminate the darkness.


lights shine,

but in a way,
do not illuminate the darkness.


In the distance,
lights shine,

but in a way,
do not illuminate the darkness.


a light shines,

and it,

illuminates the darkness.

M. Sakran


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