Weaving the Fabric of Your Life – Create a life with less stress and more meaning, joy and peace


When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen

Harley Davidson


   ♦ Do you often feel that there has to be more to life than this?

    Are you regularly feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed?

    Are you drifting or often bored in your life?

    Do you wish you had more joy in your life?

    Does your life feel like a random series of happenings, unplanned or out of control?


The future cannot be predicted,

but futures can be invented

Dennis Gabor


If you can relate to this, then I invite you to take a day away from life as you know it and join me, Elizabeth Garry Brosnan –  Coach, NLP Master Practitioner  & Professional Supervisor for an inspiring and empowering day.





Here’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for, to pause, reflect and become aware of how you have created the story of your life up to now.

This personal development workshop encourages you to focus on how you will consciously weave your future to give you more joy, more fulfilment and more of the things that seem to be passing you by right now.

Discover how to how create the life you want live.



Don’t settle for whatever befalls you. 

Take control of your life and make conscious decisions

that lead you to the life you want!

Deciding to consciously create the life you want will be the single most important thing you do right now.


What participants say about this workshop:

Don’t think about it – do it! Give yourself the gift of this beautiful day, in a beautiful location, with a gentle, wise facilitator to guide you to develop simple, powerful tools to start the process of change.  – a very worthwhile day.

– Una Lyons


This workshop is a stepping stone in helping you create a mindset that empowers you to live a more fulfilling life.

– Mark O’Regan

A great opportunity to reflect on how to be the best you can be for yourself.

– Marian Elders


The facilitator guides you through each step of the day. At the end you have a personal plan, with practical action steps to make real change in your life.

– Anna Healy




Saturday July 13th

Nano Nagle Birthplace, Ballygriffin, Mallow, Co. Cork

Investment: 1 day – 9.30am – 4.30pm


 (includes workbook, journal, workshop materials, refreshments & lunch)

For more information contact Elizabeth on +353 86 8037712


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