Embracing the New Normal of Each Day

Change is a constant in our lives.

The beautiful field of rapeseed in the picture will soon be harvested and leave a bare field behind.

The swallows that are arriving now in Ireland will stay for a few short months and then move to warmer lands again once the temperatures here start to drop.


Nature teaches us to embrace the new normal with each changing day, month and season.

The current shifting of the ground beneath our feet is bringing change at an unprecedented rate. Our challenge is to figure out how to respond to these movements.


We can choose to try to hold on to what we had, the old familiar ways of knowing, lament the changes and cling to what we knew. So many of us cling to the familiar and certainty.


Or we can choose to turn towards the new emerging reality, let go of clinging on and search to find ways of becoming more comfortable with not knowing for now. Because the reality is that there is much that we don’t or can’t know. Fighting and resisting only causes stress and pain.


This is a new season in our lives – not one many of us would choose, but we are here now, and resisting change will not stop the change. Being flexible, creative, and leaning into our ability to discover new possibilities, relives anxiety and stress. It engages our right brain, our creative brain, which is forever in search of solutions.


Sit into today.

Accept it for what it is.

It will unfold as it is meant to,

once we embrace what is.

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