– with heart and purpose
Coaching is about helping people to fulfil their full potential by allowing them to recognise the things that hold them back and by helping to discover ways around them. The coach is a facilitator of your learning. Coaches believe that the individual always has the answer to their own problems but understands that they may need help to find the answer. Coaching is a partnership between the coach and their client, where the coach facilitates the clients learning and awareness and supports them to develop action plans to fulfil their goals, hopes and dreams.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

– John Whitmore (Coaching for Performance)

Why work with a Coach?

Individuals and teams choose to work with a coach for a myriad of reasons. Among them are:

  •  To develop potential
  •  To facilitate transition
  •  To find a sounding board
  •  To address unhelpful behaviour
  •  To deal with new and emerging challenges (in work or personal life)
  •  To build confidence or self-belief
  •  To achieve clarity about decisions to be taken
  •  To find a life and work balance, reduce stress and enjoy work and life
  •  To enhance leadership and management skills and tools
  •  To work to improve challenging relationships
  •  To manage time better and achieve more

Coaching is a helpful way of developing people’s skills, abilities and talents and for boosting performance. It can help to resolve issues and challenges before they become serious problems. Coaching is not a corrective tool, only used when problems have arisen. Coaching takes an appreciative approach, focusing on what is working well and supporting clients to develop knowledge, awareness and skills to explore their goals and ambitions support them to achieve them.


What would change if we viewed people in terms of their potential and not their past performance?

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