Balance in the Face of Uncertainty

We are surrounded by uncertainty, insecurity, anxiety and concern. For many of us it is outside our immediate circle of family and friends, and for others it is very close to us.


One thing for sure is that at this time we cannot have certainty. We are in unique and exceptional circumstances and our old familiar ways of knowing and making sense of the world are no longer valid.


The more we try to make sense of it all through these old lenses, the more we frustrate and even irritate ourselves.


Another thing that we can be sure of is that each of us is in charge of our own mind, therefore we are in charge of how we think. How we think causes us to feel in a particular way, and this combined thinking and feeling leads directly to our behaviour.


So if you are feeling worried or overwhelmed at this time, become aware of how you are thinking. Make an agreement with yourself that you will not worry about anything for the next 15 minutes. Stop, make a nice cup of what ever you like to drink, turn on a soothing piece of music, look at some refreshing images, talk to your pet, doodle with your colouring book, meditate or pray – bottom line – CHOOSE the next 15 minutes of activity deliberately and wisely – activity that will nourish your mind, energise and restore your feelings and support your wellbeing.


Our thoughts are within our control; consciously choose how you will think; choose with great deliberation in these uncertain days. Notice how your choices support your wellbeing.

Go gently in the world!

One thought on “Balance in the Face of Uncertainty

  1. Good morning Elizabeth , thank you for your wise message this morning . Stay strong , stay well . Eileen ❤️

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