Autumn a time of change – inside and out

All around us the sense of autumn is unmistakeable. The temperatures have begun to drop, the light has begun to fade giving us shorter days; our flowering plants die. Some dry up while others yield their autumn fruits. Green leaves begin to fade and brilliant red and gold in various shades emerge and eventually they will turn to brown and drop to form a carpet beneath our feet.


Spring and autumn are often heralded as the seasons of change and transition. Both seasons invite us into very different experiences of change. Spring is all about new opportunities, ‘spring cleaning’ the dust and cobwebs of winter away and preparing to embrace the energy of the coming summer.  Spring is about the outward show of new life, the end of winter hibernation announced by new buds, bright colours and longer and warmer days.


Autumn is about a slower, quieter kind of change, where we slow down and begin the transition to winter. It is a time for paring back and letting go what is no longer of value. We can see this all around us in nature in the, autumnal colours and the quality of air and changing light.


This is a time that invites us to notice, the sights, smells, activities. We are beckoned to be present to ourselves and to reflect on the parallels between our inner world and the outer world in nature; to re-evaluate what we are holding onto that we know we no longer need; to reflect on what no longer serve us and to shed the old habits and patterns that block our growth and development.

It’s a time to unravel, release and make more space in our lives for those things that matter most.


It is a time to nourish and care for yourself. Focus on rest, exercise, good food and friendships. Fill yourself so that you are in a good, safe place to let go of what holds you back from being content and at peace. To endure transition with grace and acceptance, we must nourish and resource ourselves first.


Take some time to reflect:

What are you grasping on to, that is holding you back, and what are you not doing out of fear?

What could happen if you let go of what isn’t serving you right now?

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