Autumn invites us

In the northern hemisphere we have just changed to winter-time, and listening to people’s conversations I have become aware that very few look forward to autumn in the way that one looks forward to spring – to the new life, new growth and new beginnings.


Autumn is the season of completion, bringing closure to the growing time. It is a time for harvesting, gathering up, clearing away and turning towards a fallow period. Nature produces the most wonderful, colourful landscape for us at this time of year. The green of the earth turns to a multitude of yellows, gold, red, rust and brown.


This threshold moment invites us to embrace the energy of change. It’s not just the environment that is changing. Such threshold moments can unsettle us. Transitions can be time of uncertainty dash of letting go what has become familiar and embracing the unknown. But transition can be beautiful too.


Autumn invites us to:

  1. Welcome the stillness – spring and summer have been busy times. Now is the opportunity to clear some space just for you.
  2. Allow the change to come – autumn is less about embracing the new and more about focusing on letting go of the old. Be willing to let go, to re-evaluate what you are holding onto that no longer serves you well.
  3. Stay grounded – the more grounded you are in yourself the easier it is to embrace the change around you.
  4. Be aware of nourishing yourself – the approaching winter offers us the opportunity to slow down, do what nourishes us whether it’s spend time with loved ones, go for lovely winter walks, read a good book or sit by the fire in contemplation.


And when the old words die out on the tongue,

new melodies break forth from the heart.;

and where the old tracks are lost,

new country is revealed with its wonders.

Rabindranath Tagore


I invite you to consider, what is autumn inviting you to?

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