Are You a Prisoner of Your Thoughts?

It is said that every seven years our whole physical body changes, every cell goes through a change process, without the need to put a single conscious thought towards it. But what about our mental, social, spiritual and emotional body – what changes occur there every seven years? This change if it is to happen, takes conscious awareness!

The physical bodily changes occur automatically and we can remain as bystanders on the edge of our lives for that one. Not so for all other changes.


We are a circumference people, with little access to our natural Centre. We live on the boundaries of our own lives… and we remain on the circumference of our soul for so long it seems like life.

– Richard Rohr, Everything Belongs


Life just happens to you when you are a prisoner of your thoughts. We become the inmates of our mind, confined to living in the restricted space we create.


I think, therefore I am.

– René Descartes

What thoughts are you entertaining that keep you in your prison cell?

  • I find it difficult to make presentations
  • I’m not good with numbers.
  • I’m not a natural athlete.
  • I’m not creative.
  • I’m a procrastinator.
  • It’s hard for me to lose weight

Each one another Prison Bar!

Discover how to Change this Thinking!

Living life from a fear base once served humankind very well. In fact fear is the sole reason we have survived as a human race. Man, as hunter / gatherer survived the terrors of the wilds, because of his highly attuned fight, flight or freeze response to the dangers of the world.


That was when responding from a fear base meant survival. We still find so many occasions to be fearful in today’s world. We are afraid going in meetings that we will not be understood, sound foolish or be ignored. We are afraid we won’t make deadlines. We are afraid we won’t be attractive enough, smart enough, or witty enough to attract the interest of a potential life partner. We are afraid we won’t be good enough parents, teachers, role models. We are afraid…….


Living from a place of fear means always being in fight, flight or freeze mode. We argue our point too much and for too long. We spend time off-site and at unnecessary meetings to flee from the stresses and challenges or we go into frozen mode, procrastinating  and overwhelmed. We become stuck in habitual reactions and have no ability to respond in a constructive or creative way, imprisoned in habitual limiting thinking.


Carol Dweck tells us that we are either living our lives from a Fixed mindset, or a Growth mind-set. Growth mind-set thrives on challenge and sees failure not as evidence of deficiency but as an inspiring opportunity for growth and for stretching our existing abilities.


It’s easy to get stuck in your routine. The daily routine of  rushing to work, eating lunch on the hoof, hit the gym on the way home, comfort eat as you binge-watch Netflix an go to bed is all to familiar. You spend the weekend catching up on sleep and chores and Sunday afternoon in dread of the whole cycle beginning again tomorrow.


Is this your dream life?  How much longer will you prolong the mediocrity of your life?

Is it time to Change your life NOW?


Instead of being a bystander, we can change something …our thoughts. Thoughts as we know are powerful drivers. They can drive us to despair, distraction, desperation and depression or they can carry you to create, conquer, design, develop and prosper.


Becoming an active participant in managing your thoughts is the first step to making change in the quality of life you lead. Being AWAKE to your thought processes and actively CHOOSING your thoughts will determine how you show up in the world. Remove the excuses that hinder your ability to learn, grow, and develop new skills.

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Life is about awakening, not accomplishing. You cannot get there; you can only be there

– Richard Rohr

The interplay between conscious and unconscious mind in developing new and transformative habits of mind and behaviour is what creates success. We all have examples of making great commitments and excellent beginnings on goals and projects only to loose our way without any real understanding of why that happens. This is one of the areas we will come to understand on the Transform your Life with the Power of NLP Programme that I’ll be delivering over the summer.


Join me to discover how to remove the prison bars from your mind. Transform your Thinking and Change your life with the this powerful and exciting programme. Learn how to achieve the results you want.

This is not about willpower it is about willingness. You can run out of willpower, but you never run out of willingness!

BOOK you place NOW

All that is good and beautiful in the past is safely preserved in that past. On the

other hand, so long as life remains, all guilt and evil are still “redeemable”…

this is not the case of a finished film… or an already existent film which is

merely being unrolled. Rather, the film of this world is just being “shot.”

Which means nothing more or less than that the future—happily—still remains to be

shaped; that is, it is at the disposal of man’s responsibility.

—Viktor E. Frankl

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