Elizabeth Garry Brosnan M.A. Professional Supervision, M.A. Youth and Community Studies, Dip. Counselling., Dip. Personal & Business Coaching, Dip. Pastoral Supervision,OMAC.

Elizabeth is the founder of EGB Soulpreneurs, a Reflective Practice Supervisor, Leadership Coach and NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. She combines her years of experience of training, facilitation and coaching to help people succeed. Her intuitive approach and dynamic style make Elizabeth a very popular Reflective Practice Supervisor, Coach and Coach Trainer, NLP Trainer, and Facilitator across a range of professions. Elizabeth supervises and coaches chief executives, leaders, individuals and teams.

Elizabeth completed her Masters degree in Cross Professional Supervision at NUI Maynooth, her Masters Degree in Youth and Community studies at Brunel University, London, her Diploma in Counselling at Trinity College, Dublin and an advanced Diploma in Creative Reflective Supervision in Cambridge University. She holds a Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching from the Mindstream Institute. She is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner. Elizabeth focuses on the role of emotional intelligence in our successes and achievements

Elizabeth has a passion for helping people to live their best life and reach their full potential through reflective practice, coaching, facilitation and training using the tools and skills of NLP. She is enthusiastic about supporting her clients to put soul back into their business!





I actively take part in Supervision as it enables me to develop my skills as a coach. As I work alone, it also acts as a professional and confidential space where I can discuss how to progress with challenging clients. I was drawn to Elizabeth as a Supervisor as I had witnessed and admired her style of coaching and wealth of knowledge. I respect that she is well qualified in this area of expertise and this shows in her work as a supervisor. Working with Elizabeth for over two years in Supervision helped to sharpen my coaching skills and fundamentally strengthen my confidence as a coach.  

-Patricia Tiernan www.leapcoaching.ie


As an Internal Coach in a large organisation, I value the space Supervision allows for me to reflect on the work I am undertaking with my clients.  I have found the sessions not only support my own learning and development but also give a  degree of protection to the person being coached.

The monthly sessions I have with my supervisor have guided and supported me in the following areas:

  • Boundaries and Ethical issues
  • Teasing out and finding new approaches to unlocking potential in my clients
  • A space for me to heighten awareness of my coaching style and ways to tap into strengths to develop my coaching technique
  • A Safe space to reflect on my own self management and self care leading to enhanced resilience both in my coaching and wider role in the organisation

For me, Supervision completes the process of coaching, giving clients the comfort that their coach is adopting and adhering to professional practice.  

-Angela S – L&D Professional  & Coach


My coaching supervision with Elizabeth has become an imperative part of my coaching practice. Elizabeth partners me in standing back and reflecting on my approach with clients. She provides a nurturing space to talk through complex coaching issues that arise. I would say that Supervision keeps me alert, widens my perspective and challenges me to learn.

I believe that without Supervision there is a real risk that coaches can become automatic and habitual in their approach, reducing their ability to be flexible/ creative around the array of issues that arise in coaching.

 Elizabeth, as well as being a Supervisor, is an experienced practitioner and she draws on her years of experience to ask great questions, give honest   feedback and wise guidance. I usually walk out of our sessions together feeling lighter, more ready to go!

-Anne P