8 Ways to Discover if You are a Soulpreneur

Soulpreneurs recognise that success is not just the external evidence, but that real success is also about what feels good on the inside. At last, we are moving from defining success which is based on external visible evidence to something different.

You are a Soulpreneur if:

  1. You are doing the work that you do because you followed the call of your heart and the wisdom of your soul
  1. You wonder if you can ever truly make a living doing what you love to do?
  1. You strive to follow what makes your internal light shine and makes you feel alive
  1. You are in a career (or desire to be) where you are making a difference to others and a positive contribution to the world around you.
  1. Though you work hard it feels right and good
  1. You have come to realise that outward success is not an indicator of a fulfilling, abundant and creative life or career.
  1. Making a living and making a difference are one and the same for you
  1. Your vocabulary has moved includes creativity versus correctness; collaboration versus competition, freedom versus obligation and abundance versus hardship.

If you said yes to 5 or more of these statements, then contact Elizabeth at  Elizabeth@egbsoulpreneurs.ie  or call 086 8037712 to join our Soulpreneur community, and join in the conversation, where we focus on real success.

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