New Year’s resolutions, gone just like the month of January!

6 Reasons Why You Don’t Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

  1. This is a process – Not a Destination. Most of the changes you wish to make are going to take time and focused effort, until they become part or your new routine and habits. You need to plan for the long haul. We often do not plan for the stages of the journey and focus only on the destination. When the destination is not reached quickly we hop off the bus!
  1. Setting Unrealistic Goals. People often set goals that they think they are supposed to achieve. These choices are made based on fear or guilt, not on free will. The motivation does not come from within, but from an outside influence. The goals we set are often too big, too broad or too many and are not achievable by any standards. You know your what, but not your why.
  1. No Plan. You decide on the goal but do not invest time and energy in making a step by step plan. You make the intention, but don’t do anything about it. It is no more than a good idea. It is like buying a new car now and not starting the repayments until 2018.
  1. Unrealistic Expectations – You do not focus on the goals that will really benefit you now and in significant ways. You want it now. You see, hear and read of the amazing successes others have had and set your compass by other people’s achievements. Your goals and how you will achieve them need to be tailor made for you!
  1. Not Believing in Yourself. Self-limiting beliefs are one of the main reasons we do not succeed. Based on past experiences of not succeeding, you tell yourself a story (consciously or unconsciously) that you will once again fail. You become attached to the belief about who you are now and the little voice inside reinforces the limiting beliefs to make them become your reality.
  1. Not Ready for the Transition. Making New Year resolutions is your way of acknowledging that there are things in your life that need to change, so you can have a better quality life. In setting out on the journey towards change you do not acknowledge the importance of transition. You are letting go of old habits and beginning to embrace new habits and subsequently you are no-man’s-land. You have not fully let go of the old yet (it is still so easy to slip back to old habits) and you have not yet fully embraced the new. This is the uncomfortable place of transition that tests us and challenges us to embrace uncertainty and stay focused on the destination.

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