Welcome to EGB Soulpreneurs. At EGB Soulpreneurs we work with people who have a passion to serve others and make a difference in the world. Whether you are a conscious business owner, a heart centred entrepreneur, coach, spiritual guide, wellness practitioner, educator or consultant, EGB Soulpreneurs will support you to tap into your inner wisdom and develop new and inspiring ways of working with your clients.

Is what you’re doing right now, this minute, inspiring you?

Without clarity and vision there will always be a struggle in what you want to achieve. When you become clear about what you want to focus on, it is easy to develop your goals and begin to work towards them. Understanding how our thoughts, emotions, and feelings are all interconnected and make impacts on your everyday life, is key to
learning how to make a living doing what inspires you most.

Are you searching for more?


…Clarity about your work?

…Confidence in your own ability

…Skills and tools for your profession

…Structure to your life and work

…Feedback to continually support your growth and development

Through our soulful and innovative ways of working, EGB Soulpreneurs provide coaching, professional supervision, training and facilitation to a wide range of groups and individuals, supporting them to make the changes necessary in their work and lives to provide a better life for themselves and others.

By living and working in an authentic way, we reduce stress, increase creativity and productivity and are happier and healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. EGB Soulpreneurs focuses on creating a balance in our lives.

At EGB Soulpreneurs we put soul back into business!